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We are a United Methodist Church filled with followers of Jesus who exist to glorify God and make more committed followers of Jesus. We are a family who cares deeply about prayer and serving our growing community. We have a deep passion for faith, worship, and the healing of Jesus. We are committed to being authentic which means we are not always perfect in our ability to follow Jesus, but we strive to be.

Real Life. Real People. Real Church.


There is a place for you in our church family. 

OUR Core values

As a community, we strive to make these values our top priority:

Intentional Prayer

Authentic, Spirit Led Worship

Community Centered

Serving with Joy

We believe that God uses all of these things to bring healing to our community.


Liberty Hill was founded in 2003 out of Hillside UMC in Woodstock to be a missional church to the Canton community.  Though our physical home has changed many times, our home has always been Canton. From the very beginning, Liberty Hill has strived to be an authentic witness for Jesus through serving the community, having authentic and Spirit-led worship, and being relatable to all people. This witness helped start many local missions in our community that continue to serve God's people. 

In 2010, Liberty Hill moved into our first space in the historic Canton mill building. Since then our physical space within the mill building has changed greatly, but our heart for bringing Jesus to Canton remains the same! We are joyful to be in our new space on the 2nd floor of The Mill on Etowah where we have room to grow at the center of this rapidly growing community. 

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